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We have assembled a group of highly skilled developers that function as a cohesive team. The advantage to our customers is that this team is able to provide a solution in a shorter time frame than an ad hoc team put together for a particular project. This team is also available for follow-up support, maintenance and training.
Software Development [ more ]

DMR Associates develops high-impact web, desktop, and mobile applications for companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500 enterprises. We can provide a virtual development team to handle all levels of your project, whether it's on the web or for PCs. [ more ].

Network Services [ more ]

The Network Services group at DMR Associates helps you with everything you need: cable plant design and implementation, networking and communications hardware, IT integration services, and more. We specialize in end-to-end solutions for your enterprise's network needs, whether within one location or across all your locations around the globe. [ more ].

Custom Solutions [ more ]

Monitoring and controling networks and devices using SNMP, MODBUS, I2C or any other proticol it does not matter to our systems. Our protocol conveter allows conversion to a normalized data stream to provide data to PCs, Single board computers, Programable Integrated Circuits or any other device you wish to communicate with. [ more ].

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